Age Differences and BDSM

“Age is just a number”

There are a lot of different ways to practice BDSM, and it certainly isn’t limited by age in the least. While age can actually be a point of contention in many BDSM couples, it doesn’t have to be. and many other legit bondage sites actually take the time to point out that the older person in the relationship doesn’t have to be the dominant, and the younger doesn’t always have to be the submissive. It’s easy to fall into these kinds of stereotypes, but it is unnecessary when personalities and preferences are far more important than age. This should be something that you and your partner always keep in mind when the two of you are together and acting out a scenario.

You’re a Dominant, But You’re Much Younger Than Your Submissive

“It doesn’t matter even if you are younger”

It doesn’t matter if the age difference is five years or twenty years: if you’re a dominant, then you’re a dominant, and there’s not much that’s going to change your preferences in bed. Even if your submissive is much older than you, there’s no reason that you should let that change your power dynamic inside of the bedroom. You will still be able to exert the kind of power and control over your submissive that you desire, so long as the two of you have discussed your scenarios properly and developed the kind of repot that any other dom/sub partnership has.

Legit bondage sites in general will not make an issue about age differences like this, even if they differ from what most of the community sees as the norm. While you might be much younger than your submissive, the only thing your submissive might have on you is experience, and that means that you will just have to do more research to make up for it; you should be doing anyway. The proper research will make you wise beyond your years, so to speak, and that will make your submissive respect you all the more if you are knowledgeable about BDSM (as a proper dominant should be). Keep this sort of thing in mind, and there is no reason that you should have any issues dominating your submissive when you are much younger than them.

You’re a Submissive, but You’re Much Older than Your Dominant

“So what if you are older than her”

This is the flipside of the previous topic, but it is just as important to discuss. If you are a submissive that is much older than your dominant half, then…well, frankly, this still shouldn’t pose any sort of an issue. While age generally begets experience and has a certain connotation of power that many submissives recognize, legit bondage sites certainly won’t discriminate. There is also a certain allure about having a dominant half that is younger than you, but still fully capable of controlling you and making you bend to their will as they see fit. This kind of domination might make you feel all the more powerless beneath their hand if they are much younger than you. That can simply add to the fantasy that you have been creating in your mind in your scenarios with them.

A younger dominant also means that in general, they will not have as much experience as you. That’s perfectly fine, though it might mean that you need to offer them advice from time to time. As an older, more experience submissive, you might need to take the time to teach them about the ins and outs of certain scenarios, but at the same time, you will be able to shape them exactly to your needs and be able to come out on top (so to speak) in this kind of situation. You will have a dominant that will be exactly what you want, and extremely eager to please you and make sure that your pleasure comes first in every aspect of your scenarios. That is exactly what you want out of a dominant, and usually, the younger dominants are the ones that are very focused on the correct ins and outs of BDSM to begin with. If you want a Dom like this, you must check good BDSM sites; you can check the rating of the sites. Read ALT Review – Is This Site A Scam? See The Rating We Gave It! Find out if it is a legit site or not.

Age Can Have a Lot of Kinky Connotations

“You can have your own style of Bondage play”

As we just mentioned, a different sort of age difference in couples can actually have a kinky connotation that many partners thoroughly enjoy. Your submissive might get off on the fact that you are much younger than them, yet you are fully capable of controlling them as they want to be controlled. This will make them feel all the more powerless, and you might actually have to do less work in order to make them get that high that they want from a bondage scenario. It can be an exciting venture for both of you, and it’s all because you’re much younger. How lucky is that?

You do, however, need to realize that if you are younger, your lack of experience might make a few older, more experienced submissives shy away from you. You will need to prove yourself within your community as a dominant that actually knows what he is talking about, and that will gain you the respect that you need in order to have the partners that you desire in the bedroom. With the right sort of experience and research done on your own time, you will end up with the kinds of scenarios that you have been dreaming of. Overall, that will make you have a much more satisfying sex life in general.

But at the End of the Day…Age Is Just a Number

No matter what sort of kinks that you and your partner associate with your age, remember that at the end of the day, age is simply a number. It actually has nothing to do with how good you are in your scenarios or how good of a dominant or submissive you are. Even if you are younger than your submissive, you might actually be the one with all of the experience. There are many older submissives that don’t come into their own until much later in life, and that means that they simply haven’t had the time to spend enjoying bondage or the BDSM lifestyle for very long. You might end up being the younger partner, but you also might end up being the one that calls all the shots and teaches your partner. Everything that they could want to know about bondage and BDSM in general you could teach them.

In general, you should take age with a grain of salt, but if you are younger, be prepared to defend yourself in the community and be able to back up your knowledge if you lack the experience that many people will want you to have. If you have done the proper research and are a conscientious, careful top, you will be able to establish yourself with your submissive. This will make you worthy of respect and adoration, and that will make your situation that much better when it comes to a healthy sex life. In the world of BDSM, age is nothing; wisdom is everything. Knowing your stuff will get you extremely far in the community if you’ve done your homework and have really set yourself apart from the rest. Keep this in mind and have fun.

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Five Things You Must Do To Close More Sales

Closing the sale is probably the most significant challenge faced by thousands of professionals in the sales field. Many deals are lost and many contracts are cancelled due to ineffective selling techniques of salespeople who do not know how to properly close the sale.

There are many books, courses, and articles on the internet that talk about the techniques in closing more sales. However, some of these methodologies are proven myths and misconceptions. In order to improve and sell more, you should learn how to change the way you look at sales techniques. Here are top five secrets that will help you fully understand the art of selling:

Pay attention to the needs of customers

The problem with most sales professionals is that they are too focused on what they are selling that they forget that they’re dealing with different people.

Pay attention to your customers to maintain their interest in your business. Earn their trust by addressing their concerns since most people choose to talk to a salesperson whom they feel comfortable with.

Do you have what it takes to run your own business?

Do you have what it takes to run your own business?

Start a conversation with the customer

The best thing to do when you meet a potential client is to start a conversation that concentrates on the specific problem that your product or service handles. Explain to the customer how your product or service can provide an answer to his problem.

Sales is about results

Sales game is all about getting results. As a salesperson, you do not have to spend long hours doing busy work like organizing and planning. Your time should be devoted to get customers’ attention and to present your product or service to them.

Learn how to face all types of people

A great salesperson knows how to deal with different types of people. He has the ability to present himself even to the toughest customer. He is not afraid to ask hard questions to go for the close.

If you really want to close more sales, you need to do even the most uncomfortable thing. Everyone else doesn’t want to talk to tough clients so you have an edge to win more sales if you take the brave move.

Make an impression on your customer

A great sales professional has the ability to impress customers and connect with them emotionally. He can take any product even the most boring one and make a remarkable presentation.

things we will miss about the Men's Wearhouse pitchman

things we will miss about the Men’s Wearhouse pitchman

Time is of the essence

Each working day is important for all salespeople who want to reach or even exceed their sales quota. A great salesperson value his time by taking all the opportunities to create more sales. He doesn’t fail to keep in touch with his past clients and try to retain them.

For most salespeople, closing a sale is perhaps the most difficult part in selling. However, it doesn’t have to be hard when you know you have the abilities to win the heart of your customer. You do not have to arm yourself with a lot of sales method. Just learn to believe in yourself, in your product and services, and understand your customer well.

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Fixed or Adjustable Rate Mortgage: Which One Should You Get?

Everyone wants to have a home of their own. Buying a home should be done at the right time. It’s a huge financial investment and probably the biggest one you’ll ever make. Thus, if you are already sure about buying a home, you should take your time and get to know your mortgage options. You want to get the perfect one depending on your needs. One of the most important things you have to do is choose between a fixed and adjustable rate mortgage.

Pros and cons of fixed-rate mortgages

In a fixed rate mortgage, rates remain the same. This means that you’ll be paying the same amount for the life of the loan. You can make a financial plan beforehand and ensure that you always have sufficient funds for the loan. You don’t have to worry about inflation. Because of the stable rate, it is easier to create a budget. A fixed-rate mortgage is ideal for people who are first-time home buyers.

On the other hand, a fixed-rate mortgage comes with a higher initial interest rate than an adjustable-rate loan. It’s one way for the financial institution to ensure that they won’t lose out. There’s also a chance that a mortgage holder will need to refinance so they can make the most out of failing rates. This means spending more in closing costs and spending time preparing necessary paperwork.

The return of the capped mortgage

The return of the capped mortgage

Pros and cons of adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs)

Initial interest rates and payments required are lower. This means that a borrower can take advantage of an ARM without the need for refinancing. ARMs are perfect for buyers who plan to move from one home to another frequently. It also allows borrowers to buy bigger homes because the lower payments usually qualify them for larger houses.

However, payments and rates can significantly increase as time passes by. You’ll easily be confused or even trapped by some mortgage companies especially that ARMs are quite hard to understand.

Which one do you need?

Before you decide, you have to ask yourself this question. How long do you intend to stay in the house? If you plan to live in the house for a couple of years only, it’s best to go with an ARM. Your interest and payment will be low. Also, you don’t have to deal with significant rate adjustments because you’ll already be moving to a new place even before adjustments start to affect payments and rates.

Smarter home loans, happier home owners.

Smarter home loans, happier home owners.

When it comes to buying a home, it’s very important for you to know your mortgage options. Bear in mind that it involves a lot of money, and you don’t want to end up with a lot of financial worries just because you can’t pay settle the payments. What you want is a home that is comfortable not only for you and your family, but also for your pocket.

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What Would Keep You Healthy When Dining Out!

Dining out while on a diet is a big challenge. You could dine out and eat healthy by learning how to choose the right food on the menu. You need to be in control when it comes to fat and calories.

When dining in, enjoy the company of those you’re with, this will make you divert your attention away from the food. As we all know, it will take 20 minutes for your brain to realize that you are full. Here are ways that would help you be smart on what will you be eating.

1. Choose the right place

When you dine out, choose a spot where there would be no distraction (by the window or along the streets) this may lead to losing track on what you eat and may lead to eating more that what should be consumed.

2. Choose where to go

You could research the menu of the restaurants that you are about go to. Check out their dishes and what may be healthy. Doing this would help you decide on what to order and know their nutritional facts.

Healthy Eating When Dining Out145

Healthy Eating When Dining Out

3. Personalized your order

When choosing a dish, ask the server about the details of the meal. In this way if you could make changes or request to add or remove an ingredient before they would serve it. For example, you could ask to minimize the butter, margarine or salt to the meal that you want to order.

4. Make substitute for side dish

Instead of high calorie side dish, make an alternative by ordering steamed vegetables and from white rice to brown rice. Have them boiled not fried.

5. Make proportions

If you dine out in a restaurant that serves eat all you can. It is advised to eat in small partition rather than large quantity. No need for you to stuff yourself, learn to stop when you had enough.

6. Follow the 3 bite rule

When a tempting food has been served and can’t resist not taste. Then the 3 bite rule applies. You could taste it, provided it will be 3 bites and then set it aside. Or you if you are with somebody you could share it.

7. Don’t be deceive on pictures

When looking at the menu, there would be the picture of foods that they are serving. It can be mouth watering but learn to control and divert your attention to the food that more on fewer calories and fats.

Eat healthy foods while dinning out

Eat healthy foods while dinning out

We can never avoid dining out, especially if it is a work related. What you need to do is be conscious on what you eat and what you drink. Temptations will always be there once you set foot on the restaurants. It will be your option, if you go with healthy and unhealthy choices on the menu.

Always remember to choose the restaurant that offers healthy options, so that you’ll have better choices.

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Why You Shouldn’t Break Up With Your Partner

In every relationship it’s easy to become vulnerable – to hurts, pains and any kind of emotional rollercoaster. A bond is formed when two people get into a commitment. This enables them to feel a special kind of connection that can’t be found from any other type of relationships. However, when this bond experiences pain or hurt, everything gets affected. When problems take place in a relationship, our emotions are the most affected aspect of our lives. And when this happens, our heart tends to play like the brain – taking over the decision making role.

Breaking Up Means Starting Over Again

To start over is good but not when you have to go all the way to the starting point of everything in a relationship with someone new. It’s like you threw away all the effort you’ve placed in your current relationship and exchanged it for something much harder to deal with. At first it’s going to be a dreamy state of butterfly feelings. But in the long run you will still find yourself hurt again and most likely regret that you let your relationship go – you don’t want that do you?

You Might Not Be Able To Love the Same Way Again

After giving your partner all the love you could ever give in this life, it will be much harder to give it again to someone when you’ve already seen its failure. It doesn’t matter who caused the failure but the fact that despite giving your everything, still you ended up breaking up with the person you’ve given it too is just so draining. You have to understand that loving someone means working hard to get the relationship to work. Finding someone else will not heal the pain you’ve experienced from your partner. The person who actually caused you the pain will be the same person to heal it. So why look for another?



He Knows You Better Than Anyone Else and Vice Versa

Think back to how long your relationship’s been with that person that you love. Rethink those times when you were going through really hard stuff and how you both tried to work things out at any cost. Reminisce those moments when your partner tried to put up with your bad attitude and still ended up saying “I love you” despite all that. He knows you very well and you know him a lot – throwing all that away would be just a complete waste.

Ending a relationship with your girlfriend

Ending a relationship with your girlfriend

When things get crazy in your relationship, it’s easy to say that breaking up is the best solution. However, it’s not always the right thing to do. There will always be a way out. Every problem has a solution and breaking up is not always an option.

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Logitech’s ‘Ultimate': The Remote of Your Dreams

For over 30 years, and a wide history of computer accessories, Logitech has captured the attention of PC users the world over. And with its new variation of the widely recognized Harmony remote, you’ll definitely realize how monster of a company Logitech is.

What This Great Remote Can Do

Because of the poor performance of its predecessor, Logitech’s Harmony line business was doomed to buy. But then again, Logitech has also decided to continue the Harmony line by introducing two new additions, namely the Ultimate and Smart Control. And basically, the Ultimate is Harmony’s flagship product.

Remote of your dreams

Remote of your dreams

The Harmony Ultimate has actually redefined what it means to control your home entertainment. With the power to control your home theater devices, you can never go wrong with this remote control. It can also control and get pass IR devices, as well as your beloved game consoles that run on Bluetooth. With its revolutionary Harmony Hub, you can access popular internet services like Netflix and Hulu on your favorite gaming consoles that includes the PS3, Xbox 360 and the Wii. What’s more is that with the Ultimate, you can control Philips Hue lights that are installed in your home!

Setting the Harmony Ultimate Apart from Competition

Smartphones are widely used in the market today, and Logitech has decided to integrate the Harmony features into a wonderful app. With the Harmony App, you can transform your smartphone into a Harmony universal remote, which includes over 40 of your favorite channels.

What makes the Ultimate Remote Control stand-out is its power-packed features that dwarf every other universal remote control in the market. Program additional controls to the existing buttons and you can personalize your control experience, both for long and short presses. With its tilt sensors and backlit buttons, never again find light in a dark room just to manipulate your remote control. The customizable touch screen seals the deal as the bright 2.4 inch colored screen enables you to tap and swipe to control the volumes and change certain channels. You can also customize every feature and control on it, making it one of the most versatile universal remote controls ever.

Ease of Setup and Use of the Ultimate

The Harmony Ultimate is very easy to set up, as long as you have a PC and internet on your home. Just visit their website and Logitech will take you through a very easy and user friendly setup that will guide you through setting it all up. Harmony One users can also take advantage of it being compatible with the current activity settings to make everything a breeze.

Logitech remotes to your dreams

Logitech remotes to your dreams

All in all, this revolutionary universal remote control is you’ll ever need in your household. With over 200,000 gadgets it could control and tons of features it provides, the Harmony Ultimate may truly be the last real universal remote control ever to lie on your hands!

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